Piano Day, an annual worldwide event founded by a group of like-minded people, takes place on the 88th day of the year because of the number of keys on the instrument being celebrated. Established in 2015, it is now well known across the globe. Every year it provokes special concerts, onstage and online, as well as radio shows, podcasts, and playlists. Our next Piano Day will be celebrated on 28 March, 2024! 

You are warmly invited to be part of the worldwide celebration: Create your own Piano Day concerts and events with friends or simply share your videos, photos, stories – anything that is piano-inspired. Let us know if you are interested in participating and we will come back to you with further details. The piano belongs to us all.

So get in touch and send all information to [email protected] – we are happy to spread the news to the Piano Day community! Upcoming events are updated on an ongoing basis.

And of course, our favorite holiday also brings with it new music – after last year’s Piano Day Vol. 2, it is now time for Piano Day Vol. 3, which will be out on March 28, 2024!

Listen here to the first single of Piano Day Vol. 3 – “Dim” by Alaskan Tapes

Listen here to Piano Day Vol. 1,Piano Day Vol. 2

> Official Piano Day Playlist on Spotify



Following up on last year’s release, LEITER will share again an official companion album for the upcoming edition: Piano Day Vol. 3 presents ten exclusive, previously unreleased tracks – among others from acclaimed artists such as Hideyuki Hashimoto, Jean Kapsa, Hugar, Burçe Karaca, and Jakob Lindhagen. For the new compilation, musicians from all over the globe were invited to contribute to a unique collection of contemporary piano music. Their melodies, harmonies, and arrangements reflect different stories, states of mind, even special recording situations, offering a wide range of musical and artistic backgrounds from jazz, ambient, and classical to more experimental approaches. Piano Day Vol. 3 will be available for streaming and download via all platforms on March 28, 2024.

Featured artists:

Alaskan Tapes – Hideyuki Hashimoto – Hugar – Jean Kapsa – Patrik Berg Almkvisth, LUCHS –

Ann Annie – Burçe Karaca – Jakob Lindhagen – Paula Präktig – Tania Giannouli

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Following up on the first edition in 2022, Piano Day and LEITER again shared an official companion album, carefully selected for our favorite holiday of the year. Piano Day Vol. 2 contains thirteen exclusive, previously unreleased tracks composed to celebrate the magic and versatility of the instrument, and it includes new work by acclaimed artists including Yann Tiersen, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, James Heather, Otto A. Totland, and Liam Mour. The whole compilation is available for streaming and download via all platforms. You can listen it here.

Featured artists:

AVAWAVES – Sophia Jani – Daigo Hanada – Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Matthew Bourne –
Hélène Vogelsinger – Liam Mour – James Heather feat. Sinemis – Otto A. Totland – Meredi –
S. Salter – Marta Cascales Alimbau – Yann Tiersen

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To celebrate in 2022, Piano Day and LEITER created a compilation with thirty-two exclusive and unreleased piano pieces from various corners of the world – meticulously selected for our favorite holiday of the year.

Piano Day aims to create a community platform for bringing together piano players from all around the world. With this compilation, LEITER gives the community home on vinyl. ‘Piano Day Vol. 1‘ is the first edition in an upcoming series and reflects the piano in its diversity and allows artists from contrasting styles, ages and backgrounds to connect and celebrate the piano together. The compilation is available on 2LP vinyl and digitally with two bonus tracks. You can listen & order here.

Featured artists:

Vargkvint – Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch – Lambert – Rose Riebl – Rubin Henkel – Lisa Morgenstern – Michael Price – Balmorhea – Poppy Ackroyd – Tristan Eckerson – Neil Cowley – Alice Baldwin – Hior Chronik – Büşra Kayıkçı- Johannes Motschmann – Ólafur Arnalds – Natalia Tsupryk – Grace Ferguson – Kara-Lis Coverdale – Julia Gjertsen – Sergio Díaz De Rojas – Chilly Gonzales – Thomas Enger – Nils Frahm – Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres – Kaada – Moritz Fasbender – Vetle Nærø – Malakoff Kowalski – Simeon Walker – Tiny Leaves – David Shongo

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Piano players, whether amateur and professional, of any age, or any musical persuasion have kindly shared their specially composed pieces with the piano lovers all over the globe. Listen to the last years Piano Day playlist of these tracks:

There are so many pianos that are not being played for several reasons: they are broken, stored in piano shops or used as items of furniture rather than a musical instruments. At the same time there are loads of talented pianists who have no possibility to own a piano. Piano Day gives an opportunity for the holders of the unused pianos to place them where they can be enjoyed by a lot of people. Everybody who wants to share the joy of playing and listening to piano music is invited to participate and take action!

For the 2015 and 2016 editions, Nils Frahm released some special Piano Day treats. “Solo” and “Solo—Remains” are still available for free download in 24bit and mp3 format.

“In the end, every album production leaves you with the same tough task – making the choices for the final track selection. You leave out some tracks for various reasons: some of the tracks are wonderful by themselves, but they simple don’t fit anywhere in the album and others have to be left out because otherwise the vinyl would become too long for a cut in good quality. However, these outtakes are often as important as the final selection and I thought, they might be a great surprise for Piano Day too. I hope in this case, it’s both …“

The first project revealed by the Piano Day team in 2015 was the building of what will be the world’s tallest piano, the Klavins M450 designed by the visionary piano builder David Klavins.

Unlike traditional concert grand pianos, which are usually built horizontally, this giant is orientated vertically. Weighing nearly a tonne and standing at 4.5m high the M450 stretches over two floors, a design that allows the strings to vibrate better. However, the project is not about setting world records in terms of size. The aim of it is to expand and go to the not yet reached physical limits of the piano instrument and it’s sound and thereby opening doors to new musical possibilities and dimensions.

Because of it’s much longer strings and larger soundboard among other factors, the sound of the M450 will be characterised by an even clearer sound with a lot more depth and richness of overtones, producing an unrivaled large harmonic spectrum and intensity of tone, which will increase the musical capabilities of the piano, for modern music in particular. M450 is meant to continue the centuries-old history of the piano instrument and and it´s evolution which had rather stagnated in recent decades.


Piano Day would be nothing without you – dear piano lovers all around the world. We want to say a heart-felt thank you for your commitment to the Piano Day projects. The desire to celebrate this versatile instrument is growing greater than ever and we are more than happy to share this feeling with you.

Piano Day is a worldwide celebration of the piano every 88th day of the year.
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